A regulated investment platform focusing on high potential industries

Egeli & Co. Investment Trust (EGLYO) exploits investment opportunities in industries with high potential such as energy and infrastructure for creating high value and enables local and international institutional and individual investors benefit from the potential for growth in these industries on a transparent and regulated investment platform. EGLYO was founded for combining the energy investments of EGCYH under a listed investment platform through the change of company status in December 2012.

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EGC Real Estate Development

EGC Real Estate Development and Investment Co. (“EGC Real Estate”) was established in March 2014 by Egeli & Co. Group to realize the investment opportunities in the real estate sector. Since 2008, residential, office and commercial properties have outperformed in the Turkish real estate market. Indeed, rental yields and selling prices for retail and residential properties kept growing over the last three years. In future, primary commercial and residential properties in central areas will likely attract investors’ interest. The real estate market has been one of the key elements of the Turkish economy over the past decade and it will continue to remain the same in the future. Turkish real estate players may differentiate themselves by creating new opportunities such as joint ventures with international partners.

In this context, Egeli & Co. Group with the ability to evaluate the market trends and identify opportunities, had established the EGC Real Estate in line with the demand from Western European investors to invest together in the Turkish real estate sector. EEGC Real Estate is now evaluating the medium and long term investment opportunities in the sector for its stakeholders.