Corporate Governance

>>Risk Management

With the effective risk management, Egeli & Co. Investment Holding aims to reach its corporate targets and minimize threats Risk Management operations within the Company are conducted under supervision by Corporate Governance Committee.Risk management activities are carried out depending on the committee early detection of risk in the company. Objective assessment is the primary condition for successful Risk Management. Reports are submitted to Board of Directors according to the risk factors they carry after the assessments. The objective here is to hinder the materialization of the risks or manage the crises that may be occurred. Risk Management operations are handled under two main headers as Operational and Financial Risk Management.

Operational Risk Management

It is not possible to eliminate operational risk completely. At Egeli & Co. Investment Holding risks are minimized by the consistent and multi-layered Risk Management approach applied. Taking the operational risks under control is only possible by Risk Management becoming a corporate culture adopted by all employees. Therefore, minimizing the risk is the operational duty of every employee employed at Egeli & Co. Investment Holding.

Financial Risk Management

Egeli & Co. Investment Holding is subject to various financial risks arising from its operations including effects of changes in the currency and interest rates in Debt and Capital Markets. The Bulk Risk Management Program of Egeli & Co. Investment Holding focuses on the unpredictability of financial markets and aims to minimize the potential adverse effects on the financial performance of Egeli & Co. Investment Holding.

Credit Risk

There are no financial assets of Egeli & Co. Investment Holding that were come under the credit risk, were subject to impairment. Additionally, the Company does not comprise any elements containing Off-Balance Sheet Credit Risk and any assets overdue but not subject to impairment.

Interest Rate Risk
The company has not ating rate financial instruments so it is not exposured the interest rate risk between 31 December 2015 and 31 December 2014.
Liquidity Risk

Uncertainty in the markets or occurrence of events as a result of decrease in funding resources such as decrease in credit ratings can give rise to Liquidity Risk. 

Although the Company exposed some complications faced by the sector, the Company can manages Liquidity Risk by keeping enough cash and similar resources ready in order to fulfill its current and potential responsibilities by distributing the funding resources.

Foreign Currency Risk

Foreign Currency Risk is the effects arising from currency rate movements in case of having assets, liabilities and Off-Balance Sheet liabilities in any foreign currency. Egeli & Co. Investment Holding is not subject to Foreign Currency Risk as of December 31st 2015.