Corporate Governance

>>Code of Ethics and Social Responsibility

Code of Ethics put into effect by the Company’s board after being submitted for the approval of the shareholders in the general assembly. Egeli & Co. Investment Holding Code of Ethics is binding for anyone connected to the Company including Board of Directors Members. Codes of Ethics of the Company communicated to all employees by signing. Code of Ethics of the Company is disclosed to the public on the Company website.

Egeli & Co. Investment Holding’s fields of operation have developed to comprise investment opportunities in energy, agriculture, real estate and similar various industries and it focuses on creating values and providing sustainable positive return in the long run, builds up its investment philosophy based on the Sustainable and Socially Responsible Investing approach. In line with this approach, the Company concentrates in the fields contributing to environmental sustainability, protecting the interests of the society and economy in the long run while singling out investment opportunities. The concept of Social Responsibility has become an inseparable part of Egeli & Co. Investment Holding’s business model within the scope of this approach.

Having adopted contributing to development of the industries in our country with a potential for growth, such as agriculture, energy and infrastructure, Egeli & Co. Investment Holding provides works for enhancing agricultural added values and institutionalization in agriculture especially through EGC Agri Capital as its leading investor, within the scope of Sustainable and Socially Responsible Investing approach.

As a member of EMPEA (Emerging Markets Private Equity Association), Egeli & Co. Investment Holding has adopted contributing to the society and minimizing the damage given to the natural environment by its operations as an inseparable part of its business model.

In any investment operation planned within Egeli & Co. Investment Holding, which has specified complying with Socially Responsible Investing Principles while materializing its investments as its main objective, developing environment friendly and profitable businesses is aimed.

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