Egeli & Co, founded by Mr. Tan Egeli in May 2002, established - together with Ashmore Asset Management - the first independent foreign portfolio management company in Turkey, in 2008. Upon sale of the company’s shares at the end of 2009, the foundations of Egeli & Co. Family Office were laid.

In order to realize real asset investments, which are coordinated by Egeli & Co. Family Office and managed by Egeli & Co. Asset Management, transformation procedures of Varlik Yatırım Ortakligi A.S. -acquired from TEB BNP Paribas and involved in the group in 2006- were completed and its status was changed into Investment Holding. And its commercial title was changed into “Egeli & Co. Investment Holding” (EGCYH) as well.

Karesi Geothermal was founded through a consortium formed by EGCYH and NRG Energy with 50% shareholding of each.

Bati Agriculture was established under Egeli & Co. Investment Holding for consolidating cultivable land and sheep breeding in Denizli.

The first and only venture capital company was founded in Turkey focusing on agriculture with changing status of EGCYO to venture capital. EGCYH is the leading investor of the company with the share of 28%.

EGC Energy was founded by EGCYH.

All shares of Akbank T.A.S. in Ak B Tipi Yatirim Ortakligi A.S. were transferred to EGCYH. The title of the company was changed to Egeli & Co. B Tipi Menkul Kiymet Yatirim Ortakligi A.S.

Status of Egeli & Co. B Tipi Menkul Kiymet Yatirim Ortakligi A.S. was changed to the venture capital investment trust to make real asset investments. Title of the company was changed to Egeli & Co. Investment Trust.

Shares of Karesi Geothermal were transferred to EGLYO.

EGC Real Estate Development was found by EGCYH with 50% shares.

JCR Eurasia Rating has evaluated “Egeli & Co Investment Holding and Consolidated Subsidiaries” in an investment category level and assigned credit ratings of “BBB-“on the Long Term National Scale and the Long-Term International Foreign and Local Currency Scales along with a ‘Stable’ outlook. 

EGCYH sold its EGC Electricity Energy Production shares, which was a 100% subsidiary of the Company.  

The Company, issued a zero coupon private bond with TRFVYOR21615 ISIN code ,177 days (maturity date: 12.02.2016), 14.25% interest rate. The bond was sold as closed subscription. 

EGCYH’s subsidiary EGC Agri Capital’s investment Tolina Agriculture, received a certificate required for production of organic milk.

EGCYH’s subsidiary EGC Agri Capital’s shares in Yaprak Milk Farm was raised to 5.63%